extra X||| , urban style around the world! Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Napoli , to be continued…

extra XIII hits around the world, we arrive to every fashion place!

Our urban style rules in Madrid , Berlin, New York, Barcelona, Naples and much more…to be continued !!   http://www.letyonline.com

urban style

extra X||| arrives to Barcelona !! Misha Champagne ,luxury style!

Hurry Up!!  We are finishing the sizes for this style! Hurry up and make your order, quickly!! Misha Champagne, only for 70€ !! Last pairs !! our shop online ==> www.letyonline.com 

misha champagne barcelona 1
misha champagne barcelona 3misha champagne barcelona 2misha champagne barcelona 4

misha champagne barcelona 5
Glam and confort Sneakers, made of trendy luxury materials. Includes 2 sets of laces in each colour.

Handmade with care in SpainDesigned in Italy