extra X||| , urban style around the world! Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Napoli , to be continued…

extra XIII hits around the world, we arrive to every fashion place!

Our urban style rules in Madrid , Berlin, New York, Barcelona, Naples and much more…to be continued !!   http://www.letyonline.com

urban style

the wild side of extra X||| Misha Cheeta !! 79€

extra XIII brand produces only glam and confort Sneakers, made of trendy luxury materials. All the styles include 2 sets of laces in each color.     www.letyonline.com

Discover the wild side of  extra XIII  with  Misha Cheeta , just for 79€!!

cheeta wild


– Fine italian calf leather mixed with real animal print

-Anatomical 35mm insock

-Leather lining

-Rubber sole

-Handmade with care in Spain

– Designed in Italy

extra X||| arrives to Barcelona !! Misha Champagne ,luxury style!

Hurry Up!!  We are finishing the sizes for this style! Hurry up and make your order, quickly!! Misha Champagne, only for 70€ !! Last pairs !! our shop online ==> www.letyonline.com 

misha champagne barcelona 1
misha champagne barcelona 3misha champagne barcelona 2misha champagne barcelona 4

misha champagne barcelona 5
Glam and confort Sneakers, made of trendy luxury materials. Includes 2 sets of laces in each colour.

Handmade with care in SpainDesigned in Italy

extra X||| reflex Wine in New York by «Alizarine» @Zroob

Zroob.com is taking Part in a world-wide campaign.
extra XIII sneakers arrived to our apartment in Brooklyn in a dark winter day from Lety Outlet, a little familiar shoe factory in Spain. They try to keep their shoes affordable by avoiding big retailers and reaching new audience via world-wide group of bloggers

Alizarin  Misha reflex wine

Misha Rock look by @Cosa_mi_metto

Ciao a tutti!!  Siamo proprio contenti di pubblicare questo post, perchè e’ la prima collaborazione che facciamo con una blogger italiana, e niente meno che Fabrizia Spinelli col suo blog www.cosamimetto.net ci ha onorato all’indossare le nostre Misha Rock della collezione … Sigue leyendo

extra X||| Misha Rame «Tania» – Outfit by @Tautero

Tania Autero, una vez mas nos brinda la ocasion de publicar unas preciosas fotos con su par de Misha Rame «Tania» en su honor. Ademas de ser realmente bonitas, da envidia de verselas! Creando un outfit combinado a la perfeccion Tania luce nuestras extra XIII mostrando lo combinables y «cool » que resultan a la vez. Tienen un precio de 65€ . Echar un vistazo de sus magnificos looks en tautero2.blogspot.com

misha rame tania 0misha rame tania 1misha rame tania 3 misha rame tania 5 misha rame tania 2