Spring is here !! Ya estamos de primavera

La primavera e’ arrivata !! time to dream

Modelo Alice 65€  ==> solamente en www.letyonline.comprimaveral colours

Spring starts with the style Alice 65€ , exclusively here ==> www.letyonline.comcolorido primaveraI colori della primavera da Lety Outlet

Modello Alice , esclusivo qui ==> www.letyonline.com


extra X||| philosophy !

extra XIII keeps on moving around the world, from Spain to Greece , Unstoppable!
extra XIII continua girando per il mondo , dalla Spagna alla Grecia,infermabile!! www.letyonline.com

Athens Athens 2
Athens 1Athens 4

Misha Camu-Taupe

MISHA CAMU-TAUPE are a very youthful Sneakers. A real must have of the season. Made of trendy luxury materials. Includes 2 sets of laces in each color. 

ONLY 59€ !!                 www.letyonline.com


– Fine Spanish calf leather mixed with camouflage print details

-Anatomical 35mm insock

-Leather lining

-Rubber sole

-Handmade with care in Spain

– Designed in Italy