extra X||| arrives in NewYork!! Misha reflex Wine just for 70€ !! www.letyonline.com

reflex wine in NY

extra X||| , urban style around the world! Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, Napoli , to be continued…

extra XIII hits around the world, we arrive to every fashion place!

Our urban style rules in Madrid , Berlin, New York, Barcelona, Naples and much more…to be continued !!   http://www.letyonline.com

urban style

extra X||| reflex Wine in New York by «Alizarine» @Zroob

Zroob.com is taking Part in a world-wide campaign.
extra XIII sneakers arrived to our apartment in Brooklyn in a dark winter day from Lety Outlet, a little familiar shoe factory in Spain. They try to keep their shoes affordable by avoiding big retailers and reaching new audience via world-wide group of bloggers

Alizarin  Misha reflex wine

modelo Blanca, 18€ !!!!

Nuestro desert boot femenino, el modelo Blanca, un diseño vintage que esta muy de moda en estos momentos, es uno de los iconos de moda en las celebrities!! Lo mejor de todo es que vale solo 18€ !!!